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Long Island Internet Marketing

Everyone wants to Market on the Internet. There are literally millions of services, tools, software and products that promise, you can make millions on the Internet with your online business or you can take your traditional brick and mortar business and triple the business with not a lot of work. Well there is some truth to what the Internet can do for you, and there are people making millions from the Internet. But for every person or company who is making millions or even just a living from the Internet there are thousands or millions of people who just can't seem to get it.
We have been providing Internet Marketing and online advertising for over six years with thousands of man hours figuring out what works and what doesn't. And realize; the Internet is always changing and evolving, so what worked a few years ago, only has limited success today.
This website will give you the Internet Marketing services, tools, products and software to help you become successful. You have a choice, you can let us handle all the Internet Marketing of your website or you can pick and choose which Internet Marketing services, tools, products and software you want to use.
We do know one thing, what we do works, we have multiple websites listed at the very top of Google and Yahoo, and we have clients that were only generating a few thousand dollars per month in sales that now produce hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in sales. E-Mail or call us today and we will show you it can be done.

Website Optimization

A key part of your Internet Marketing plan is the proper optimization of you website. We off a number of packages to help you with your website optimization. We can take your old website and work with you on modifying it for the search engines  or we can help you with building a new website with the proper optimization techniques built in.

Internet Marketing Packages

We offer many Internet Marketing solutions. Years ago you can pick one type of Internet Marketing solution and you were on your way to getting your website listed high in the search engines. The world has changed, and to stay competitive you now need to really look at your target audience and what you are trying to accomplish with your website. For this reason we more then ever recommend our total Internet Marketing solutions, because it does include tailoring it to your individual Internet Marketing needs. However, we still offer a la cart Internet Marketing service's and solutions.

Internet Marketing Total Solutions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Submissions

PPC Management

Marketing Consulting

Directory Submission

Local Internet Marketing

Sales Consulting



Email Marketing

Trade Shows

Our staff at Long Island Internet Marketing are all professionals with years of experience. If you need Internet solutions, Advertising, Marketing and or Sales consulting services and products, we will get the job done better and at a more cost effective rate then our competition.

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Long Island Internet Marketing showed us how to get ranked at the top of the search engines and save money. We tried a lot of other Internet Marketing solutions, they were the only ones who got it done and and we were able to reduce our costs.

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